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About Event Ignition

Event Ignition is a company born of a need to excel. Our very professional team members all have the same things in common. We are driven to create and assemble the most creative and ingenious concepts for your needs. From weddings to brand marketing to parties to corporate theater, from the welcoming message to the farewell we have a need to succeed.

After many years in the industry and doing the "vanilla" shows we wondered what that same show would be like with "sprinkles". But why stop there? How about a whole other flavor? As the analogy suggests, your attendees are also used to the routine. What will make this event more memorable and therefore more exciting is an immersive experience that captures the mind and sparks the imagination.

Many times the whole point of the event is lost as the attendees follow through to the expected ends. However, if after your conference or event the guests leave with a sense of engagement and unity you have a success story on your hands.

  Transformative Design

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