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Design & Installation

A succesful design must consist of several key elements: be Creative, have a transparent integration, be efficient and streamlined, be resourceful and forward thinking, be respectful of the intended uses and more importantly be on budget. Did we mention be Creative???


Design - Our designs always take a lead from our clients and their ideas. Beginning with the name, decor and theme of the venue we ensure these elements are integrated and elegant. With venues ranging from Event Centers, Night Clubs, Bars, Lounges, Houses of Worship and even TV Studios. The following outlines our concepts and guide our decisions in those areas.

Lighting - Lighting is crucial to add ambiance and mood to a venue installation. With color and texture we can enhance existing elements or propose new ones. Columns, bar displays, walls floors, ceilings - these are all points of opportunity for creative elements. We also use LED lighting to keep your expenses down on maintenance as well as cost of operation. LEDs mean no replacement lamp costs and lower electrical costs, both to install electrical service as well as operation due to them emitting virtually no heat, that's right the airconditioning system will not be competing with the lighting system. A true win win situation!

Sound - Music is very important to every venue. From being sure the spoken word is intelligble to having a band not be too harsh on the ears and running off patrons we will strike that Golden Balance. We also want to ensure the system will not be problematic so we design in safety nets to prevent those not authorized from changing settings they shouldn't be thereby protecting your investment. Volume levels and sound quality at that level are important so we will design accordingly.

Video - Everyone these days is media driven. From visually needing to see something like a sports game, music video or just the news it will ensure your patrons stay longer with another level of interest engaging them. you can have a design based on multiple small screens, large screens or a combination thereof. These screens are also points of opportunity for design/ decor elements in multimedia as welll as Social Networking and even advertising revenue. It can pay for itself!

Installation - During the install process our technicians maintain a clean workspace and attention to detail. This ensures a trouble free process and ensures low maintenance due to a faulty install. Many of our service calls are to repair sloppy jobs done for a quick and cheap install not really being worried about the problems down the line. We feel it is better to have a client raving about the great service and trouble free installation than telling everyone about their frustrations along the way. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.



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