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The Concept!

Our concept is simple: Most production companies try to push the envelope while our goal is to take that envelope and rip it to shreds! Event Ignition is design and implementation based. We can take a concept and make it reality. You can give us as much input as you feel necessary to be sure your core goals are met. We will present you with a concept or design for your approval and implement any changes you see fit. Our designs are meant to be flexible and can vary in scale.

From Weddings to Corporate General Sessions planning is key. We make sure that when we begin a project all the details are covered and leave nothing to chance. From power availability to a rain plan - it all needs to be addressed no matter the size of your event. Event lighting, sound and video is a very important part of your experience and to have a problem in any one of them is unacceptable. That is not what you or your guests want to remember about a special evening.

We strive to be your choice in a sea of other options. To achieve this we offer the best customer service experience in the industry. With your needs in mind we will not deliver anything less than your expectations while maintaining a need to surpass them. Underpromise and overdeliver!

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